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Splashtours: amphibious bus tours of Rotterdam

We first heard of Splashtours during a visit to Rotterdam last summer, when local tourist materials were already promoting sightseeing tours on a 45-passenger amphibious bus. The actual debut of the new bus took place more recently, and now you can book tickets on the Splashbus at www.splashbus.nl.

The tour, which lasts 75 minutes and costs €19,50 (or €14,50 for kids 12 and under), drives you past Rotterdam's major sights before plunging into the Nieuwe Maas River for a cruise past the city's skyline. The videos below will give you an idea of what to expect.

The first video shows the Splashbus being built, followed by a demonstration of the amphibious bus cruising and cutting doughnuts in the water:

Here's a two-part video that shows successful water trials of the Splashbus in Rotterdam:

Again, for information on Splashtours aboard the Splashbus, visit www.splashbus.nl.


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