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It's harvest time on Germany's Asparagus Route

ABOVE: After picking asparagus, a family of tourists reap their reward.

From mid-April untl mid-June, farms and villages along Germany's Baden Asparagus Route are busy harvesting and celebrating the "royal vegetable," which once was touted as a cure for gout and is now one of the country's most celebrated gourmet specalties.

In the German television video above (which is dubbed in English), you'll see Belgian tourists enjoying an "Asparagus tour" in Southern Germany.

For more information on the Baden Asparagus Route and its accompanying bicycle trail, which cover some 136 km or 85 miles from Schwetzingen to Scherzheim, see the two-page "Baden Asparagus Route: a first-rate culinary treat" article at Cometogermany.com.

Video: Deutsche Welle.


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