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Top 11 tourist mistakes in Paris (and how to avoid them)

Eiffel Tower elevator ticket line

ABOVE: Don't make the mistake of standing in a long line at the Eiffel Tower: You'll save time and money when you skip the lift and take the steps instead.

We've just published an illustrated article at Paris for Visitors titled "Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris (and how to avoid them)." The article, which is in the same vein as our earlier "Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Venice" article, has pages titled: 

The article isn't just a list or slide show. Each page has practical advice and, in many cases, links to other resources at Paris for Visitors or elsewhere. 

If a trip to Paris is on your travel calendar, read our Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris (and how to avoid them) before making your plans.


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