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PodFlexPro turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a seatback video player


PHOTOS: Hook your PodFlexPro over a closed tray table (above), or turn it into a pyramid on your open airline tray (inset below).

by Durant Imboden

On a recent Lufthansa transatlantic flight that featured two kids' movies and a selection of forgettable TV shows on overhead monitors, I envied the passengers around me who were able to view their own inflight entertainment on laptops, iPod Touch players, or other electronic devices. And if I ever bite the bullet and spend money on an iPod Touch or smartphone, I'll consider tucking a PodFlexPro into my backpack.


PodFlexPro is a neoprene electronic device holder with a difference: Like its competitors, it protects an iPhone, or iPod Touch, or compatible Android smartphone with a sleeve that has a clear viewing window. But it does more than that: By bending a strap with a "micro-mesh frame" and hanging it from a closed tray table, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a seatback video player. Or, if you prefer, you can bend the PodFlexPro into a pyramid shape (see inset photo) and place it on an open tray table.

When you aren't traveling, you can use the PodFlexPro during cardio workouts at the gym, on your desk at work, or on a table at mealtimes when you're eating alone.

The PodFlexPro sells for US $24.95, with an additional $7.95 for shipment to addresses in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Belgium. For more information, visit

Photos: PodFlexPro.


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