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Blists Hill Victorian Town - Treasure Island Weekend

ABOVE: It's "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" in Shropshire on the weekend of July 30-31.

Blists Hill Victorian Town, one of the Ironbridge Gorge museums in Shropshire, is honoring Robert Louis Stevenson's celebrated novel, Treasure Island, with two days of dress-up and pirate events.

The open-air museum's "Treasure Island Weekend" will take place on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31, 2011, and visitors are encouraged to dress up as pirates or other characters from Treasure Island.

The last remaining Severn Trow, a type of cargo boat that operated along the River Severn in the 1800s, will be transformed into the pirate ship Hispaniola, with Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins on hand to judge the best fancy dress costume.

Other activities include:

  • Actors recreating scenes from Treasure island.
  • A "Treasure Trail" around the town with clues that lead to buried treasure, with lollipops for all contestants. (If you guess where the treasure is buried, you can plant your own pirate's flag on a large map of Blist's Hill and win a prize.)

Treasure Island Weekend is one of many days out, exhibitions, and festivals in 2011 that celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ironbridge Gorge's selection as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Britain.

For more information about Treasure Island Weekend, Blists Hill Victorian Town, and the other Ironbridge Gorge museums, visit

Photo: Ironbridge Gorge


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