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A SCOTTEVEST Expedition Jacket and a natural dog coat

SCOTTEVEST Expedition Jacket and Bearded Collie

ABOVE: The Expedition Jacket was supplied by SCOTTEVEST. The dog was donated 8-1/2 years ago by the BCCA Beardie Rescue program.

by Durant Imboden

SCOTTEVEST sent me a sample of its Expedition Jacket a while back for review at I haven't had many opportunities to test it because the winter weather in my Midwestern city has required something warmer. Today, however, was a perfect day for the jacket: just above freezing, with melting snow dripping from trees and soggy snowflakes falling from the sky. A combination of the SeV Expedition Jacket and a fleece pullover was enough to keep me warm and dry.

I'll be reviewing the jacket more thoroughly in due course, comparing it to the first- or second-generation SeV jacket that I've been wearing since 2005. So far, I'm impressed by the Expedition Jacket: Like my earlier jacket, it has loads of inside pockets, but it also has large outside pockets that are big enough for guidebooks and maps. If you don't need removable sleeves, it's a great jacket for spring, fall, or the kind of winter weather that you're likely to encounter in most European cities. To learn more about the jacket, visit the Expedition Jacket page at

Easter brings 'egg dancing' to Blists Hill Victorian Town

Egg dancing at Blists Hill Victorian Town

ABOVE: Victorian dancers at Blists Hill egg each other on.

Pat Edgar, who may be Britain's hardest-working PR person, tells us that dancing around eggs will be a highlight of Easter Bank Holiday celebrations at Blists Hill Victorian Town, which is near Ironbridge in England's Shropshire. (Dates this year are Friday, April 6 through Monday, April 9.)

"Egg dancing" will take place opposite the Print Shop at Blists Hill. Pat Edgar reports on what to expect, and on how you can participate:

"Once blindfolded, the townsfolk will dance across the street without stepping on eggs that are carefully placed along their route. After the demonstration, visitors will be invited to have a go, with mini-Easter eggs and lolly rewards for all who complete the course without stepping on an egg."

The Blists Hill millinery mavens recommend that ladies and girls should come wearing their "finest Eastern bonnets," since the town's milliner will be judging headware at 2 p.m. in the Pleasure Gardens. (There will be a prize for the winner and a small Easter egg for each youngster who participates.)

Blists Hill, which is one of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

For more information, including admission fees and Annual Passport Ticket discounts, visit the Ironbridge Gorge Museums Web site at

Photo: Ironbridge Gorge Museums.