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Uniworld to cruise on France's Garonne River in 2014?

Uniworld RIVER BARONESS in Paris

ABOVE: While you're waiting to cruise on the Garonne in 2014, you can enjoy Uniworld's River Baroness in Paris and Normandy.

It's no secret that Uniworld will bring a new ship to France in 2014, but until now, the question has been "Where?" Here's the scoop, based on our insider information:

Uniworld's new ship will replace River Royale on the Saône and Rhône Rivers in Burgundy and Provence.

River Royale will move to the Garonne, in the heart of France's Bordeaux wine-growing region.

Details of the new itinerary aren't yet available, and for all we know, the company has yet to work out the details. Still, we suspect that cruises on the Garonne will be popular with English-speaking guests (especially those who have a taste for French wines). 

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