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Heidelberg's Christmas markets are open!


ABOVE: If you can't make it to Heidelberg this year, you can enjoy the Christmas markets vicariously with this video from the local tourist office.

We've enjoyed Christmas markets in a number of German cities, and one of our favorite Weihnachtsmarkt venues is Heidelberg. As you walk through Heidelberg's Altstadt or Old Town, you'll encounter a series of Christmas markets, which means you can warm up with hot mulled wine or the local Bratwurst as you window-shop.

This year, the Christmas markets in Heidelberg will offer food, shopping, and holiday atmosphere through December 22, and a "Christmas on Ice" skating rink will be open through Epiphany (January 6).

For more details, see the English-language Christmas Market pages at (And if you're planning a trip to Heidelberg, don't miss our Heidelberg city guide at Europe for Visitors.)

BELOW: A Christmas display in the window of Café Gundel in Heidelberg's Altstadt.



'P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants' by Clothing Arts

Clothing Arts Adventurer Traveler pants

ABOVE: P^cubed Adventure Traveler Pants by Clothing Arts.

by Durant Imboden

Not long ago, we received an e-mail from Adam Rapp, the owner and designer of a New York-based company named Clothing Arts. Adam wanted to tell us about his company's line of "P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants" for travelers.

Adam recounted the story behind the new product line:

"A few years back, I had a run-in with a team of pickpockets in Xian, Chia. I looked down at the wide-open pockets on my chinos and thought 'why not combine the security of money belts and a great pair of travel pants?' Five years of travel experiene and two years of development, 'Picket-Pocket Proof Pants' were born."

The P^cubed concept involves "all-around covered zippers and a triple-secure hidden passport/money pocket." The company's Web site explains:

"Zip the zipper to seal the pocket, secure the button flap for twice the protection; for even more security, lock what's most valuable in the triple-secure hidden passport pocket... Pickpockets are looking for an easy target, and in a pair of our P^cubed Picket-Pocket Proof Pants, they'll have to find another victim--and you'll be free to enjoy the beauty of the world around you."

The product line includes Adventure Pants (top photo) and Adventure Shorts and--for urban wear--Business Pants and Business Shorts (photo below).

I haven't tried the trousers myself, but the concept is intriguing, and as soon as a lightweight and quick-drying nylon version is available, I hope to field-test the Business Traveler Pants in Europe.

For more information on P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, visit the Clothing Arts Web site at

BELOW: P^cubed Business Traveler Pants from Clothing Arts.

Clothing Arts P^cubed Business Traveler Pants

Photos: Clothing Arts.