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We seldom publicize tours, since our site focuses on independent travel, but every now and then we learn about an itinerary that's interesting enough (or amusing enough) to be worth featuring. In this post, we'll introduce you to Operation: Euro213, The Istanbul Venetian Affair, which Theme Park People have organized in cooperation with Globus Tours.

The 10-day tour begins in Istanbul on June 29, and it wraps on July 8 after a two-night stay in Venice. Along the way, participants will visit six cities in five countries, including locations from such films as Skyfall, From Russia With Love, The Bourne Identity, Casino Royale, The World Is Not Enough, For Your Eyes Only, Moonraker, The Living Daylights, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, The Pink Panther, XXX, Mission Impossible, The Tourist, and The Third Man.

The tour isn't cheap (US $3,300, double occupancy), but let's face it: James Bond doesn't stay in hostels, and if you want to experience what it's like to be a secret agent on expenses, neither should you.

For more information, visit the Ultimate Secret Agent Tour Adventure page at ThemePartyPeople.com.

BELOW: Members of a previous Theme Party People tour pose for a group photo in Venice.

Theme Party People tour in Venice, Italy

Images: Theme Party People.


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