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ABOVE: Maggie the dog at Venice's Carnival.

In the past week or so, we've been distracted by the challenges of moving to Venice, Italy for three months--and when we say "we," we're referring not only to us, but also to our dog Maggie, who's the subject of a new blog titled "Maggie in Venice: A Bearded Collie's Adventures in Italy." (The blog is well worth reading if you've ever thought of traveling abroad with a pet.)

Our other, non-canine Venice blog may be of interest if a Venetian vacation is on your calendar for 2010. You'll find it at, where it serves as a complement to our Venice for Visitors travel-planning site.

Our Venice Travel Blog is online

Body sculpture at the Biennale
 ABOVE: An arresting image from our new blog of Venice travel news, tips, and photos.

We've just launched our Venice Travel Blog at The blog is a complement to our travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors, and some of its initial topics include:

We'll be adding new posts and photos regularly, so if you're a Venetophile, consider bookmarking our Venice Travel Blog (and feel free to post comments).


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